The bank considers an application for a mortgage loan in two stages. First, it evaluates the borrower, in accordance with its income, the Valuer Adelaide maximum loan amount is preliminarily determined. Then he considers the collateral object and, taking into account its value, calculates the final maximum loan amount.

To determine the maximum loan amount, the bank takes an independent assessment. Each bank has its own standard for the ratio of the loan amount to the Valuer Adelaide of the collateral. The so-called coefficient K / Z (loan / pledge). Usually it is not higher than 80%. At this stage, the bank can reduce the preliminary loan amount calculated at the first stage.

For example, in terms of income, you can claim an amount of 4 million rubles. But you decided to buy an apartment for 4 million rubles. At the same time, the bank has a C/C ratio of no more than 80%.

It will not work to deceive the bank by agreeing with the appraiser. The Bank accepts reports only from accredited valuation companies, that is, from those whom it trusts.

When evaluating suburban real estate, not only a private house is evaluated, but everything that affects the price of a land plot:

  • in addition to the standard documents listed above, the cadastral passport of the land plot is attached to the report – the location of the house is indicated in the scheme;
  • engineering communications are analyzed,
  • indicates the presence of restrictions on the site, if any, for example, an easement.

If apartments in high-rise buildings are typical objects, then country houses are individual, so the cost of the assessment is higher. The price depends on the distance of the object and its size. Usually the price tag is 2-3 times higher than for apartments.